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While skateboarding, a kind hearted teenager, Dylan, crashes into a beautiful young woman who secretly turns out to be the World Famous Popstar, Bebe A. Love. Keeping her identity under wraps, Dylan takes Bebe to his best friend’s house for help. While he and his group of friends try to help this mysterious woman, unexplained events begin to occur within the home. And they only intensify when Bebe’s handler, Anton, shows up at their door and demands the teenagers return her immediately. When Dylan refuses fearing for Bebe’s safety, he unleashes a barrage of dire consequences that turns a fun graduation party into a


Directed by Lee Cummings
Mitchell Altieri

Written by Mitchell Altieri

Production Company Orama Film Works in association with Luma Entertainment

Produced by Jeffrey Allard
Cheryl Dillard Staurulakis

Cast Scout Taylor-Compton
Cameron Johnson
Rahart Adams
Liana Ramirez
Bret Roberts
Garrett Westton
Tiffany Shepis
Chandler Rachelle